A Dramatic Game

The Group B game between USA and Bulgaria turned out to be very dramatic. In the beginning everybody thought that Bulgarians would easily win the match. The score was 7:0 and then 12:3 in favor of Eastern Europeans, but gradually Bulgaria calmed down, and the US felt power. At the 27th minute the score was 14:14, and the first half ended 17:16 in favor of the Americans.

After the break the game was very tough – goal to goal. On the 12th minute Bulgaria led again and then they kept their advantage. The 28th minute was decisive when the Bulgarians finished their run 4:0 and the score 34:33 changed into 37:33.

Final score was 38:35.

Best players: Greg Inahara (USA) and Kristian Vasiliev (Bulgaria)

Mark Ortega, Coach of the USA: The weakest part of the game was deffinately the start, we were under 8 goals in the first 15 minutes. We did a good 45 minutes afterwards but we weren’t playing clever in the last 5 minutes. I think our team should work on cleverness, todays game, I would rate with a 6 or a 7.

Nikola Karastoyanov, Coach of Bulgaria: It was a perfect start for us, but I don’t know what happened to our playeres after 15 minutes, they played too casually, but we payed for that as you could see later in the match. We tried to change our defence system and I think that was the main reason we managed to beat the team of the USA. I think we shoould work on our physical and pcychological stability.