Bulgaria easily beat Malta

In group B, the first game took place between the teams of Bulgaria and Malta. The advantage of the Bulgarians was obvious. First half ended with a 17 goal difference – 23:6.

After the break the advantege of Bulgaria increased. The match ended 38:13.

Bulgarian Svetlin Dimitrov, the scorrer of 10 goals, and Liam Harrison of Malta (6 goals) were named the players of the match.

KARASTOYANOV Nikola, the coach of Bulgaria: I think the main reason we won today is that we were prepared better physically. We were really good in defence and we scored a lot of easy goals. The bad thing is that when we play such an easy game in the beginning, it’s usually hard to focus on the better opponent.

ATTARD Joseph: You know that Bulgaria is a one of the strongest teams in our group. We didn’t expect to win but we also did,t expect to lose that badly. I’m glad thad we played better in the second half.