China could not resist the USA

The Chinese team resisted the US only in the first half. At the break the score was 16:16. After the break, the United States began to increase the difference and eventually won 35:27.

As a result, the United States took 5th place in the final ranking, and China – 6th place.

From the team of the USA the best player of the game was named Aaf Bengozi (LW) and from team China Li Shuang (RB).

Li Shuang: I’m not satisfied with this game, I think we can put some effort in defence strategy. Our team is the team of the new genenration, so in the future we must work on better fast break and catch the opportunity to score more goals in future games. This championship was a good experience both for me and our team.

Mark Ortega, Coach of the USA: It was a good practice for us, we started off pretty bad but in the second half we managed to get back on trach. I wish we would have been in the semi-finals, but its okay. we have important panamerican games starting in August and then we have qualifiers for the world championship.

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