Colombia saved a chance

Colombia beat India 41:36 and saved a chance to go to semi-finals.

Tomorrow in group A China will play against Azerbaijan, at 10 a.m. and then at 12 a.m. Great Britain will meet Colombia. If China loses a point, Colombia will need any win but if China wins Colombia will have to defeat Great Briatain with difference of 4 or 5 goals. In other case the second semi-finalist will be Great Britain.

Best players of the match were Devinder Singh (CB, India) and Santiago Mosquera Mayo (LB, Colombia).

Shivaji Sindhu, Coach of India: In the first half we played badly, we made many mistakes, our team improved the game in the second half, maybe in the last 5 minutes we weren’t as good on defence, but second half was very good. I would rate this game with a 10, because we don’t have that much experience, so it was a good game.

Fernando Gonzalez Gutierrez, Coach of Colombia: Todays game was very important for us and we won. Our play today wasn’t so good. Tomorrow we have to win against Great Britan to pass through the Semi-final. We need to fight tomorrow.