Cuba is the First Semifinalist

Cuba beat Azerbaijan 31:26 and became the first semifinalist of the tournament. In addition, Cubans have 8 points from 4 games and have already won first place in group A. Now they are waiting for the second team from the group B. Tomorrow’s match against India means nothing for them.

After four games Azerbaijan have 2 points and have no chance to get to the semis. In the best case, they can take third place. To determine the second place of the group and China and Great Britain will play at 12 o’clock in the Tbilisi Sports Palace.

From the National Team of Azerbaijan the best player of the match was named Ramazan Muradov (LW), and from Cuba Reinier Taboada Dranguet (LB).

Ramazan Muradov: I would say that todays game was really good, we knew that our competitiors were stronger and bigger physically. We got mentally ready for the game with Cuba, made some mistakes, but in the end we played well, we were fighting till the end. We played defencively better then in other games, but still, we had some problem. In the end we didn’t make many mistakes. I’m thankfull for my team, the game was great.

Reinier Taboada Dranguet: I think todays game was very easy, I’m glad we won and we’re going to keep on fighting.