First win of Ireland

On the last day of group competitions, Ireland beat Malta 41:23, gained 3 points and caught up with Nigeria in the group B but probably will remain on fifth place. On June 9 Nigeria drew with Ireland but Nigerians have much better goal difference and it is hard to imagine that they will lose with 28 goals against the USA.

The Man of the Match from Irish team was  Eoghan Geoghegan (LB) and from Malta Reece Hendrix Galea (GK).

Roman Abramenko, Coach of Ireland: I would have to say that yesterdays defeat disciplined the guys and we returned to what we initially tried to play. It has always been our strong side, defence and fast break. They realized they had to do it, they did it in a disciplined way, and here’s the result.

Reece Hendrix Galea: We couldn’t prove ourselves at the last games, the team of Ireland jumped few levels high, we are still behind.

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