Georgia and Bulgaria hit the semifinals

In group B Georgia beat USA 28:22. The hosts of the tournament expected to win but rivals resisted strongely. Georgians won due to the advantage of the first half. Before the break the score was 17:11, after the break – 11:11.

The best lpayer of the match from Georgia was Irakli Chikovani (CB), though the veteran goalkeeper Shota Tevzadze also contributed a large share in the victory of his team.

In the game of Americans one would notice well organized defence. The man of the match was Nikolas Robinson.

And so, in group B Georgia and Bulgaria lead with 8 points out of 4 games and tomorrow they will confront each other in the decisive game.

Nikola Maksimovic (Georgia Head Coach): Main reason of todays win is defence, as usual, especially, in the first half we were prepared for their attack 6 against 6, also 7 against 6, we scored some easy goals, but in general im not satysfied, I have to say. In order to win tomorrow we have to play much better, less nervous, more concentrated and I hope tomorrow we’ll fix some things. It’s a very important game, because of easier opponent in semi-finals. We want to win this championship.

Mark Ortega, Coach of USA: It was a good game, we lost against a better team, they were very good, we have to practice our defence, better attack, but it was a good game, we have to prepare for panamerican games.