Georgia National Team

Nikola Maksimovic – The head coach of Georgia.

What is the importance of the upcoming championship?
–  For us as a host team importance of upcoming championship is very big. It’s a great honor to play at home, we hope that crowd will be full in order to help us to achieve our goals! Hopefully we will qualify for Euro 2022 qualifying stage which is very important for Georgia handball future.

How do you rate the chances of your team at this championship?
– We have good chances.  Our group is stronger than the other one, but I am taking it as a advantage. We know that for every single game we have to prepare ourselves best possible. In my point of view first game is crucial. I am happy that all players are very motivated and surely they will give their best!

How the preparation process is going on?
– We will start team preparation in Tbilisi on 3rd of June. It is very short period so my plan is that all players will come ready.  I mean that they must know everything about all our opponents; they will know in advance my demands, some ideas in order to make best possible progress in 5 days of preparation period.

Your prediction: The top 3 teams, which have the biggest chance to win the tournament.
– It is very difficult to answer … I think that there are many teams with good chances to win… Nigeria, Cuba, USA, Georgia, China and Bulgaria in my opinion are better than others.. Between them we can find winner…