Georgians – Three out of Three

National team of Ireland stood only for 11 minutes against Georgia. During this time they answered every goal of Georgians and the score was 4:4 but then hosts of the tournament scored fifth, sixth and with the support of home crowd increased their lead.

First half ended 16:7. Nothing changed in the second half. Georgia continued to press and reached the difference of 20 goals – 37:17. Thus, in Group B, Georgia leads with three wins out of three and has a real chance to get to the semifinals.

On June 12 Georgia playes against USA. The best players of the match were Shota Tevzadze (GK, Georgia) and Vanduyvenoorde Blake (RB, Ireland)

Vanduyvenoorde Blake: We went into the game today feeling quite relaxed, we knew that Georgia was going to be a very tough opponent, on top of the group the whole way and they’ve been winning every game that has been thrown at them, so we tried to slow down the attack, just so we could run down the minutes. Unfortunately things got heated and we sped thing up too fast, lost some balls, they were very fast in attack, they capitalized every single time they got the ball, which is understandable, they’ve been doing fantastic this whole tournament and towards the end we stepped it up, I feel very good we kept our heads and played how we we’re supposed to, got some balls back. Overall I can say it was a very good match.

Beka Orjonikidze (Georgia Coach): In the begining we made some mistakes, so, the first minutes were so tense. I guess it was 4-4, since than our boys and the goalkeeper played well, they did everything that we had told them and, therefore, we got such a good result. In the second half we gave a chance to everyone, and 13 out of 14 players managed to score a goal.