Impressive team of Cuba

Cubans were very impressive against Britain. firstly islanders attracted attention with their height and physical strength. Besides, they were fast, skillful and they had the top scorer Omar Toledano, who scored ten times. He was named the Man of the Match from Cubans.

But despite the strong sides of Cuba, British players showed that they are fighters and have a real team. First half ended 17:9 and at the 6th minute of the second half the score was even 22:13, but at the 18th minute it was already 26:24.

And still Cuba won 35:27.

The Man of the Match from the Great Britain was Nathanael Green, who scored 8 goals and was injured in the end of the match.

The coach of Great Britain, Ricardo VASCONCELOS: I think boys were nervous, becaause we have only young players around. 21 is oldest. For a lot of them it was the first international match and I think we started well but the second half was much better.