India won after tenth shot

In the most dramatic game, India beat Ireland on penalties 39:38 and tomorrow will meet Azerbaijan for 9-10 places.  Ireland will play against Malta for 11th place. The regular time of the match was mainly led by India, but the game ended 32:32.After 5 penalties the score was 35:35 but in the end India were lucky – 39:38.

The best player from India was Naveen Singh (RB), and the best among Irishman was the player of the same position, Joshua Krohn Grace.

Shivaji Sindhu, Coach of India: It was a good game, we played well in some parts of it, we played worse in the other parts. It was tough to watch the penalties. Overall we still need to work on many things, but todays game was good.

Roman abramenko, Coach of Ireland: The penalties are the lottery and whoever won deserved it more. My lads were a little discuraged, Indians had a very unusual way of playing handball, which my boys have never experienced before and they could only realize what to do against it in the second half and we won the second half so, if we realized what to do earlier, it would have been better. Well the Indians used the weapon, they did it consistantly, they diserved the victory, they overplayed us.

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