Malta is the last team, Ireland is 11th

At IHF Men’s Emerging Nations Championship first places were distributed. On the last day of the tournament, at 10 a.m. Ireland beat Malta 39:18 and became 11th team. Malta settled on 12th position.

The man of the match from Irish team was named Sean D’arcy (RW) and from Malta Luigi Rizzo (CB).

Roman Abramenko, Coach of Ireland: On one hand we were much better then everybody expected, on the other hand we were much worse then we thought we were. I sincerely hope that we can build something on this and this lesson will not vanish. I’m grateful to my team for the effort and for the devotion, I am definitely upset with the result and the complacency so I only hope to use it for the future development.

Joseph Attard, Coach of Malta: I cannot deny the fact that the players did all they could, there was a lot of will to do that and there was a lot of passion, unfortunately techniaclly we did a high number of basic mistakes. Now that the championship is over, most of the team will make it for the next championship which is held after 2 years, so in these 2 years we will work hard to make up for these basic mistakes.

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