Nigeria is the 7th

The match between Nigeria and Colombia was tough till the end but Nigerians were in lead all the time. Colombiaans managed to equal the score only once, in the second half, 13th minute – 24:24.

The rest of the time Colombians tried to reduce the difference up to 2-3 goals, but in the end the better team won – 33:31. So, Nigeria took 7th place and Colombians 8th.

Men of the match were, from Nigeria Phillip Igwe Kalu and from Colombia, back Sebastian Restrepo.

Fernando Gonzalez Gutierrez, Coach of Colombia: We played in the second half better then in the first one, we tried to catch up, but we gave Nigeria 30 minutes to play, the whole first half, so it wasn’t possible anymore. In the future our team should work, work, work and improve to get ready for other championships.

Solomon Yola, Coach of Nigeria: This is a well orginazied championship, I would rate my team very high because in every game we improved even more and more. We will go back home and start preparation and we won’t stop, next time you will see us, you’ll be surprised.

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