Progress of India

On the first day of the IHF Men’s Emerging Nations championship, in group A, Azerbaijan beat India 45:29, however on the last day, India defeated Azerbaijan 46:28 and took the 9th place in final rankings of the tournament. After the group stage, India seemed to have changed. They first beat Ireland and then Azerbaijan who lacked the disqualified leader Uzier Salimov.

Thus, India took 9th place and Azerbaijan 10th.

The man of the match from team India was Happy (CB) and from team Azerbaijan – Kamil Mamadzada (GK).

Shivaji Sindhu, Ccoach of India: I’m satsfied with my teams play today, the game was outstanding. Today is my birthday and the guys gave me a gift with their good game. We are going to train more in the future, our team has a very good future, maybe next time we’ll be able to play in the semi-finals.

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