US will fight for the fifth place

In play off for 5-8 places the USA beat Colombia 42:32. Thus first four pairs of tomorrow are already known. At 10 am Malta and Ireland will play for the 11th place, at 12 pm Azerbaijan will meet India for the 9th place, at 2 pm Colombia and Nigeria will fight for 7th place and at 4pm USA will play against China for 5th place.

The best player of the US team was named Andrew Donlin (P) and the best of the team of Colombia William Diaz Romero (LW).

Robert Hedin, Coach of the USA: I’m very happy with how my team played today, especially in the second half, the first half we started off bad. We’re trying to practice whatever we’re good at  do it even better.

Fernando Gonzalez Gutierrez, Coach of Colombia: USA has a more experienced team then we do, they have gone to more championships, but we tried to be competitive, we tried to be good in defence. I’m still happy, because we are getting experience and getting closer to better achievements, tomorrow we play against Nigeria and we’ll do our best.

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