USA beat Ireland

The last game of the first day was the match of Group B where USA beat Ireland 37:32. In the second half there was a period where Ireland could break through but couldn’t manage and lost.

The player of the match from the USA was Aboubakar Fofana and from Ireland Joshua Krohn Grace.

Joshua Krohn Grace: I don’t think that my personal game is very impportant, I think that it’s more important how our team plays as one and I think we playeed very well for the first 45 minutes, then we made many mistakes throughout last 10-15 minutes, we weren’t as focused as we were earlier in the match. We got 2 minute susspentions in the middle of the second half. I would rate todays game with a 7 or an 8.

Mark Ortega, Head coach of The USA: We started the game well, In generall it’s really important to win the first game, we could play better, we played well in attacks but in defence we had some problems.