Who will be the Second?

Great Britain beat China 28:23 and the situation in group A has become quite complicated.Cuba is the first and the decisive match for the second place will take place tomorrow at 12 a.m. between Great Britain and Colombia.

If China would won the UK, it would provide second place but now the team is almost hopeless. For the UK, a draw with Colombia is sufficient, but in case of losing , three teams will fight for the second place. If China wins, then Colombia will have to beat its rival with a difference of 5 goals. Although Colombia has the option that a 4-goal win will be enough.

The man of the match from Great Britain was Sebastian Edgar (RW) and from China Le Shuang (RB).

Sebastian Edgar: We had a rest day yesteday so both teams were pretty ready to start this game, that would be the main reason the first half was so tight. In the second half we found a good solution to score some easy goals on the fast break. I think every guy in the team is important and everybody has different skills, it’s not about who scored more goals and who was named as the best player, today we played as a team and that’s the main thing. I would rate todays game with a 9 out of 10 because we must always leave a room for improvement.

Sujie Yao, Coach of China: This didn’t look like a game between two teams, this was not a fair game. We played with 7 players against 9.